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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Reasons to Get a PhD

(submitted by Steve Weiss)

10. Only way to get permission to use Cray supercomputer to play "Doom" (Farney Bife)
9. You got done with the masters program and still have paper and pencils left over to use up. (Goner)
8. You need it to get the "good student" discount on your car insurance. (Bangli)
7. Your wife didn't like having the word "bachelor" on your last degree. (Sky Wick)
6. Want to meet sultry librarian you've heard so much about from other PhD students (Robert in the Stacks)
5. The babes aren't exactly straining the capacity of your day planner, so you might as well do something constructive. (lefty)
4. By mistake you bought a PhD gown and cap for your college graduation and they won't take it back. (MAR)
3. To be regarded as "eccentric" instead of "wacko" (
2. You really like having macaroni and cheese six nights a week. (Poor Richard)
1. Diploma envy (Cowabunga Dud)

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