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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs Your Teacher's Out to Get You

(submitted by Domino)

10. Friends get stickers that smell like apples or flowers, you get skunk and dung heap. (Cartman)
9. For the school play, you got the role of "sandbag, stage left." (JEB)
8. She had your parents sign a 200 page liability waiver. (
7. Teaches the four food groups: meat, fruit/vegetables, dairy, and household detergents. (Laffman)
6. Whenever a question about fourth-dimensional particle physics comes up in math class, you're usually the one who gets called on. (JEB)
5. If you're late for class, instead of a suspension, they take you out back and shoot you. (Emporer Insane Clown)
4. She sharpens long pieces of chalk into spears. (Spring)
3. He keeps asking you to sniff the glue "to see if it's still all right." (al)
2. Your required 8th grade history project was making a replica of the Statue of Liberty out of asbestos sheeting and lead paint. (Opie)
1. Cigarette and blindfold are handed out with each exam. (Vuja Day)

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