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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs You've Married an Alien

(submitted by Jon Gilbert)

10. She rewires the doorbell so it sounds the chord from "Close Encounters" (Chris Maycock)
9. Like the UFO in the driveway isn't a dead giveaway. (joshmu)
8. Her insistence on remaining abstinent AFTER marriage as well... (WVU Chuck)
7. Your last name is Fhgrwnbvmwmyplzxc. (Mike Bradt)
6. Three words: anatomically incompatible honeymoon. (Leaper)
5. You say "I do." She says "We, the collective intelligence, do" (Paul)
4. Those freaky suction cups all over her hands. (Paul M. Croughn)
3. Your firstborn child insists on being called "Xandor, King of the Hive" (Egan)
2. Unbelievably high bills for phone calls to the in-laws. (srp)
1. All the mail she sends out has "3rd Planet, Terran System" as the last line of the return address (Aaron Voisine)

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