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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs Your Football Team is Having a Bad Year

10. You have to start the 4th string quarterback named "Cyclops". (Vasitor)
9. Their only chance of getting into a bowl game: lots of plane crashes. (Motoman)
8. Your nickname is the "Fighting Losers" (Chris W)
7. Yearbook caption under football team says "A Year for Rebuilding" for the tenth straight time. (Vuja Day)
6. More "scoring" under the bleachers than on the field (Charlie & Donna)
5. The quarterback keeps trying to 'surrender' (Siralph)
4. The three "regulars" in the stands each game are actually the tee-shirt sales display (Charlie & Donna)
3. Little kids come up to players with footballs that were autographed last season and ask the players to erase their names. (Bangli)
2. Touchdowns? You're just happy if your team can run through the banner without hurting themselves. (cindy)
1. A crazed fan jumped on the field and scored their only touchdown of the year. (Joe-mo)

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