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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten reasons why Darth Vader would make an excellent President

(submitted by RAW WOLF)

10. He'd never be able to say "read my lips, no new taxes." (lefty, Deidra the Devious)
9. You can clearly hear him inhale and exhale. (skeleton)
8. Storm troopers would be great for maintaining order at annual Easter Egg Roll on south lawn of White House. (Elly Nast;yaussie)
7. If congress didn't like his decisions, he'd tell them they can take it up with Jabba. (Jeff K.)
6. Goodbye, Stealth Bombers...hello, TIE Bombers!!! (Overkill)
5. Would never use phrases like " Wouldn't be prudent..." (Garbanjo)
4. "Hail to the Chief" would be discarded in favor of the much cooler "Imperial March." (Overkill, Dagen Haas, St. Monthly)
3. For the right: weapons advocate. For the left: secure enough to wear a dress. (The Lizard Queen)
2. Use of "the force" lends dramatic effect when throwing out the first pitch of the new baseball season. (Ben There)
1. "Lord of the Empire" sounds a lot better than "Mr. President." (Jeff K.)

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