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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Surprises About the Russian Space Station Mir

(submitted by Melissa)

10. Inside the main computuer is a monkey with an abacus. (Treeman)
9. Discovery that the computer operating system was pirated from Coleco ADAM. (tbeeber)
8. Pod 4 has Monster Truck Rally every Saturday afternoon at 3:00 (Bob Clemmons)
7. Reduced solar shielding means you have a quicker way to make grilled cheese sandwiches (srp)
6. In a recent survey, the Ford Pinto was found to be more reliable. (JustCallMeFlipper)
5. One research module is built entirely out of Legos(tm) (rob)
4. They have trouble getting good dish reception too. (Don That)
3. Russians regret not buying that extended warranty. (Motoman)
2. Damn Pepsi machine stopped taking dollar bills. (burticus)
1. Naugahide captain's chairs and a really bitchin' 8-Track (opie)

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