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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs You Picked the Wrong Vacation Package

(submitted by carl bishop)

10. 2 weeks at the Denis Rodman Fantasy Basketball Camp was not your wife's idea of a second honeymoon. (lefty)
9. Your hotel menu lists entrees that are normally considered as pets. (DwightKos)
8. The brochure states as places to see--Emergency Room, Homeless Shelter and Cheese Factory. (Babeluscious)
7. Your first 'seven course dinner' is a six pack of Yohoo and a can of Spam. (lefty)
6. The travel agent hands you a UPS second day air sticker, and says "Here's you're ticket, just stick it on your shirt." (Andy S.)
5. Package includes three days and two nights in beautiful downtown Boise, Idaho (Joe Bork)
4. The "Low-priced Hotel room with a view of the ocean" is a cardboard box on the roof of the world trade center. (Dru)
3. All you get is a rowboat and a map of the Caribbean (Siralph)
2. Your travel agency is "Ernie's Discount Travel and Bait Shop" (Joe Bork)
1. Hotel's "breathtaking view" is a window overlooking the local elderly nudist colony. (Overkill)

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