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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs Your New Boss Doesn't Like You

(submitted by NickW)

10. Pretends to misunderstand you and gives you a cubbyhole instead of a cubicle. (Ryan Mahoney)
9. Keeps telling you that you are depriving a village somewhere of an idiot (yomama)
8. During a lightning storm at the last company picnic: promoted you to "V-P in charge of weenie-fork holding". (Opie)
7. Your christmas bonus was a life insurance policy... sent to your spouse (eric snafu)
6. Memos are attached to bricks and thrown through your office window. (Tass)
5. Says "Could you bring me a picture about this size?" and holds up a dart board (Kelley)
4. Keeps asking, "When are you going to start your car?" (Paulie)
3. Gives you the new assignment of keeping all of the pencils in the building very sharp (Woof Woof)
2. Assigns you to their 'new' Chernobyl branch office (Richard 'Darkstar' Hum, Emporer Insane Clown)
1. Hires a small dog with glasses as your new co-worker (Ryan Mahoney)

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