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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Cheesy Romantic Sayings

10. "I'd climb the highest mountain for you, but I do get nosebleeds." (Bangli)
9. "Of course I love you .... some restrictions apply, dealer prep and destination charges extra, limited time offer, available only to U.S. residents, non-refundable deposit required, includes rebate, findings not verified by independent council, trade-in contribution may affect APR and total amount financed." (Disclaimer Man Strikes Again !!!!)
8. "My love for you is innumerable, like the hairs on my butt." (mook)
7. "Your nose glimmers like a blade of grass in the morning sun." (Chris)
6. "Girl, I miss you like the biscuit misses the gravy." (Ole Sparky)
5. "Your eyes are like deep flowing streams of algae." (burnt)
4. "I love you so much that I can't hold my bladder." (mijoy)
3. "Baby, you are the Cheezwiz on my potato." (B-B-B-Bob)
2. "Oooh, those eyes, those lips, those chins!" (dink hargrave)
1. "You're #1 on my top ten list" (Chris W)

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