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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs It's Time To Do The Laundry

(submitted by David Durham)

10. You wear your underwear in the shower to get it clean (Sara H)
9. You're found passed out after the sniff test. (David D.)
8. The only thing left in the closet is your 1978 high school graduation gown, and a pair of swim fins. (Geoduck)
7. It's February 24th again. (Vasitor, RAW)
6. Someone scratched, 'Please wash me' on the back of your shirt. (Paul M. Croughn)
5. Your carpet is no longer shag, but a 50/50 cotton and polyester mix. (
4. You realize its either wash some clothes or fashion pants out of paper towels. (Andy S.)
3. Instead of Tide, you have to use Lava. (Mike Dulaney)
2. You rub your dryer sheets over your dity clothes to make them smell fresh. (Frank)
1. Those articles of clothing trying to crawl towards the laundry room on their own. (Impulse Shopper, bmfc1, peepnfeet, Stephen T. Varol, (SPLAT), carnold, D.A.N., TNB, Alana Berry, chris, Steffie)

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