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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Reasons We're Glad 1997 is Almost Over

10. Only three more years to wait for Windows 98. (Moe Zilla)
9. Soon, IRS won't audit 1990 tax returns (Average Joe)
8. Out with the Spice Girls, in with the new flavor of the year (Ole Sparky, Mr T)
7. Only 730 more shopping days 'til the millennium. (Frank Black)
6. People who cross their sevens only have to do it three times a month now. (The Lizard Queen)
5. 1997 is your unlucky number (Mikey)
4. Need to file for my tax refund to pay for Internet Access so I can keep reading Top Ten List. (Bangli (truer than you might think))
3. Coz I've already had my birthday this year! (Kiwi Kid)
2. Getting really tired of that "Unusual Mole of the Month" calendar (al)
1. It is the end of the Year of Ear Biting. We can all take off our earmuffs. (Farky)

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