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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Things Santa is Trying to Keep Hush-Hush

(submitted by Jenx)

10. After this holiday season, Rudolph is being put out to pasture and will be replaced next year with FAA approved strobe lights. (Lyle Style of the True Millenium Society (
9. Accidentally delivered a six-year-old's two front teeth to David Letterman one year. (Lyle Style of the True Millenium Society (
8. Elf with access to naughty and nice list convicted of insider trading for investing heavily in toy companies. (Lyle Style of the True Millenium Society (
7. Loves to moon passing airlines (Bob Clemmons)
6. Reactor breach at North Pole responsible for vivid Northern Lights display this year. (Lyle Style of the True Millenium Society (
5. Behavior inflation ----- now 98.6% of kids get "nice" rating compared to 64.2% in 1979. (Ben There)
4. 80% of all greenhouse gases are produced by flying reindeer. (Algore)
3. He dyes his beard... (*the jester*)
2. Lately, he's been too busy to check 'the list' twice and, quite frankly, some mistakes have been made. (Ack)
1. His wife is divorcing him on the grounds that some kid saw his mom kissing him. (Spring)

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