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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten New Crayon Colors

10. Jelly-on-top-of-the-spam Green (Joe-mo)
9. Downsized Pink (Reja Ekslip)
8. Plaid Parfait (Hood Boomer)
7. Unpronounceable glyph (The crayon formerly known as Purple Rain) (Moe Zilla)
6. Aqua Maroon (Moe Zilla)
5. Microsoft Default Blue (Pillowman, DD IRON)
4. Peroxide Blonde (the Queen of Swords)
3. Ear Wax Gold (Polar-0K, MsMouse)
2. Titanic Budget Red (mjolnir)
1. Michael Jackson White (Warchild, daroy)

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