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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs the End of the World is Nearing

(submitted by yorick {the jester} )

10. You've stopped receiving Publisher's Clearing House sweepstakes entries. (Clueless Joe)
9. "Baywatch" ratings are dropping drastically. (Overkill)
8. The tabloids STOP saying the end is near, and report that the world will go on for 1,000 more years. (katie, a sewer rat that right!! a Talking Sewer RAT!!!!!!!)
7. ATT and MCI stop calling your house wanting you to switch your long distance service. (SweetPeace)
6. They're advertising "last repeats of MASH ever." (hot lips)
5. Industrious ants no longer prepare for winter; instead they spend entire summer partying with grasshoppers. (Philula)
4. Royal Carribean Cruise Lines sign a huge contract with Noah. (Norm Shelton)
3. Michael Jackson: married. two children. enough said. (jcs)
2. Scientists recently deciphered "world warranty" in Dead Sea Scrolls . . . apparently it lasped in '87. (Ole Sparky)
1. El Nino; isn't that the reason for everything bad? (the Queen of Swords, Talia Wright (

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