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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Ways to Burn Off Those Holiday Pounds

10. Try *DIET* coke with rum for a while... (Ole Sparky)
9. Routinely threaten yourself with a self-inflicted "full-monty" in the full-sized mirror. (Ole Sparky)
8. Sabotage the bathroom scale. (Spring)
7. Push your kid around the house in the box their $250 present came in. (lefty)
6. Walk door to door in your neighborhood telling your neighbors that the Publisher's Clearinghouse van came to visit them but left the last time your neighbors were out. (Lyle Style of the True Millenium Society (
5. one lap around the house for every 10 minutes on the Net (Catman)
4. Tune into CSpan whenever you are hungry: guaranteed to reduce appetite and/or make you sleep through meal times. (Impulse Shopper)
3. Untangle the Christmas lights from the olive tree after the wind storm. (lefty, DragonKnight)
2. Chase after Richard Simmons with a chainsaw for a full body workout. (Stickboy)
1. Stand in return line for hours holding the entire Arnold Schwarzenager body building kit (jrb, lefty)

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