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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs You Have Been Living At Home Too Long

(submitted by Clingerpratt)

10. The first hint is that all the locks are changed. (chris billinger)
9. Your kids move out of your parent's house before you do. (Still the beaver)
8. Your mother still makes your bed, and then yells at you about grandchildren! (madgames)
7. Little geometric doodle you made during recent tedious phone call wound up in kitchen, affixed to front of fridge with magnets. (starWill)
6. In an attempt to escape you, the house dislodges itself from its foundation while you are at work and is now five blocks away posing as a 7-11. (Boom Oy!)
5. Your Mom helps you do the "comb-overs" in the morning before you go to work. (Impulse Shopper)
4. At your high school reunion you're deliberately vague about how you're saving so much money on your "mortgage"... (Ole Smoothie)
3. You're 35, and your interior decor consists of Transformers bed sheets and Hot Wheels curtains.
2. You have a wife and four kids, but still can't fall asleep until mommy tucks you in. (jman)
1. You come home one day to a near empty house with a note from your parents saying, "You win, we've moved and we're not giving you the address." (Boom Oy!)

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