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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs You Live in a Small Community

10. It was voted one of the ten least interesting places in Delaware. (Joe-mo)
9. 500 people, 3 last names (Fonz)
8. When all of the teenagers cruise the strip, it takes 20 seconds and 1 pick-up truck. (The A Man)
7. The town council members are voted in by rock, paper, scissors. (Joe-mo)
6. No matter how you park it, your 18-wheeler is never fully in the city limits. (DanDaMan)
5. While driving a car you don't need to use your turn signal because everyone knows where you are going anyway. (Rach)
4. The only major city budget line item is hay for the "one horse". (Valdera Valderigh)
3. The general store is still stocked with 'new' Coke (Ev)
2. You've lived there 28 years & they say you live "in the old Wilson house". (Norm Shelton)
1. The phone book is a 3x5 index card. (Joe-mo)

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