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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Tips for Valentine's Day

10. To win her heart, turn to the "flannel jammies" page in the Victoria's Secret Catalogue instead. (Bob Clemmons)
9. Surprise your Valentine by waking her up with a kiss from her favorite reptile (lefty)
8. Take your honey on adventurous evening of stalking your ex-girlfriend. (lefty)
7. Those little cinnamon hearts are great for de-icing a slippery sidewalk (daroy)
6. If you receive a card from "Guess Who" you had better guess right. (Maniac Bob)
5. You might want to cancel that week-long bass fishing trip with your buddies (NDB)
4. Reject that invitation to the Jerry Springer Show. (Miata)
3. A pizza and pay per view wrestling by candle light does not constitute a romantic date. (maj)
2. When buying chocolates, avoid anything called a "blue fuzz special" (Overkill)
1. If you're trying to pass off that dried-up fire hazard in your living room as a "Valentine's Tree", it's probably about time you finish taking down your Christmas decorations. (Laffman)

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