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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Questions You Don't Want to See on Your Final Exam

(submitted by Bangli)

10. What don't you know about this subject? (Tres Sea)
9. Explain the concept of individualism without using the letter 'I'. (AHS GIRLS)
8. Using a quadratic set of sociodynamic economic integers interpolate the ramifications of polyascorbic bicarbonates when used in conjunction with multiphasic nucleotides on the heliotropics of a nanotechnological environment. (mjolnir)
7. When snow melts, where does the white go? (Alien Dogstar)
6. Please explain why, in the context of thousands of years of history, warfare and discovery, it matters that you get an 'A' on this exam. (jman)
5. Will you, by default, give the customer paper or plastic? (Spiv)
4. Your teacher is about to fail you. Discuss. (DanDaMan)
3. Gandol prugs proxy flump nexus dren heather schlunt monoflux upon dunish quints? Discuss. (Opie)
2. Who is your next of kin? (Starr)
1. do you want the good news or the bad news? (brodwayblus)

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