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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Things Left Behind in Nagano after the Olympic Games

(submitted by Ev)

10. 127 million free Nagano '98 snowglobes ... all forgotten under the spectators seats (joshmu)
9. Those downhill skiers still stuck on the ski lift (redhed1)
8. The red Olympic ring (Laffman)
7. Four unemployed Zamboni drivers (Okawa Ungawa)
6. 735 doggie bags containing squid sushi (lefty)
5. Any interest at all in the two man luge (Greg Brady)
4. The Jamaican Bobsled Team's bobsled: They have decided to take up snowboarding. (daroy)
3. Tara Lipinski's permission slip (Michael Lewis)
2. The contact lens the USA Mens Hockey team must have been looking for (Bazza)
1. CBS's ratings (Warchild, Greg Brady, BNL altern, Bob Clemmons, 7-Iron and Bob, Impulse Shopper)

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