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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Uses For Bellybutton Lint

(submitted by Terri Weispfenning)

10. If it is a big piece, it could be used to knit a costume for Baywatch. (Krass Krangle)
9. String it together to save money on floss. (BNL altern)
8. 1 month's worth: fancy side burns. 2 months' worth: beatnik goatee. 3 months' worth: fake santa beard. (JMan)
7. Additional supporting evidence that you are qualified for entrance into the navel academy (Idiot Rod Racely)
6. What do you think they make cotton candy out of? (Sharpie, Thomas McClure, Don Juan)
5. Fling it at spouse as punishment for bringing the laptop to bed again. (nhlwhippet)
4. Fur implants for balding muppets (lefty)
3. You won't believe how tasty it is sauted with garlic and herbs. (daroy, Angela, Martha Stewart)
2. Evidence for convicting murderous belly dancers (Reffley Hailey)
1. Put it on the end of toothpicks - VIOLA! - Completely natural Q-tips. (al, Angela, WoofWoof, feable, Wonga)

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