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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Things Overheard as the Ball Dropped in Times Square

10. "I just (tweet) accidentally (tweet) swallowed my noisemaker (tweet)." (Lyle Style of the True Millenium Society (
9. "Are you sure Richard Simmons is gonna catch that?" (Rotten Luck Willie)
8. "I've been mugged!!.. uh hey wait a minute.. I am the first one to be mugged this year!!" (citizenshane)
7. "Psst, what comes after 8?" (flutefancy)
6. "I'll bet time would stand still if we stopped the ball." (joshmu)
5. "Why a ball? D'ya ever think about that? Why not like, a big flaming chicken or something?" (Chris)
4. "Didn't we do this last year?" (Emporer Insane Clown)
3. "What does it say on the outside of the ball ... 'Intel Inside'?" (yomama)
2. "At the tone the time will be 12 o'clock exactly.... *BEEP*" (Gaewyn)
1. "Oh my God! That huge ball killed Kenny!" (Nadroj)

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