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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs You Can't Carry a Tune

10. Local WildLife enthusiasts mistake you for a Male Howler Monkey seeking a Mate. (RainY)
9. You were forbidden to sing at a funeral, for fear you would scare the dead. (Kristen)
8. The preacher announces that all hymns are cancelled because the organ is broken when he sees you sitting in the front pew. (Ramit)
7. Last year when you started singing at Sea World, Shamoo went into heat. (Don Juan)
6. Your housemates rush to the radio thinking that they hear a test of "The Emergency Broadcast System." (The Dildo Lady)
5. Your 33.6 modem handshakes to your rendition of Yankee Doodle. (Strongbow)
4. Four out of five people would rather listen to a buffalo in heat. (Greg Brady)
3. At the ball park, the announcer specifically asks you not to join in singing the National Anthem. (jrb, The A Man, The Sponz)
2. The only two songs you are allowed to "sing" on Karaoke Night are Tequila and Wipe Out. (Lisa)
1. The local airport has filed a complaint about the noise. (nhlwhippet)

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