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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Spring Break Packages to Avoid

(submitted by The A Man)

10. Ten days, no nights -- Join us on the unforgettable Cappucino/Espresso Lovers Bus and Breakfast Tour. (Hu Leo)
9. Snow skiing trip to the Sahara Desert (Motoman)
8. A religious retreat in Wako Texas (con)
7. Niagara Falls canoe trip (Norm Shelton)
6. The "See Every Wal-Mart in the Midwest in Seven Days" package (Sammy Sax)
5. Two weeks in Malibu condo with brand new panoramic view of Pacific: Ocean is literally one step from your back door! (Daily mud baths included free) (Impulse Shopper, Piker)
4. Nose Hair Museums of the Caribbean (Warlok)
3. Yukon Dogsled Adventure B.Y.O.D. (Bring Your Own Dogs) (The A Man)
2. Oxy 10's Beach Break Out Special (Happy Harry)
1. "An intern's view of The White House" (Mark Evans, Billy Bobsledding, dvdb, Paducahman)

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