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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

The Easter Bunny's Top Ten Off-Season Jobs

(submitted by Farky)

10. Teaching the Bunny Hop at Club Med (DLS&SCS)
9. Stunt double for Energizer Bunny in dangerous commercials (Auntie Fark, Liquid Ice, Tozcross, talkin sewer rat)
8. Going from house to house hiding earring backs (Laurla)
7. No job, extensive psychotherapy about his egg laying (Ev)
6. Standing in awkward positions so that the TV on Air Force One gets better reception (Polit Burrow)
5. Color consultant to Baywatch costumers and to Nike shoe designers (Air Redeal)
4. Quality control manager at Anheiser-Busch brewery [responsible for hops] (Sparky the Wonder Warp)
3. Limb Donation for tacky keychains (Hoovious)
2. Running for President by posing as Ross Perot (LaurlaJo)
1. Playboy bunny mascot [don't tell his mom!] (Mim, kain, the Queen of Swords, ???, Ole Sparky)

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