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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Questions Asked By Unenlightened Freshmen

(submitted by Drulius Earring)

10. Wow! I can get a student Visa Card and I've never even had a job! How can they afford to do that? (lefty)
9. When do I get to take off the "I am a stupid freshman!" sandwich board? (Stickboy)
8. What do you mean by "You are overdrawn"? I still have checks left. (Poluminous Patea)
7. Where's the third story heated olypmic size pool and spa where everybody says all the girls hang out at? (Senior Idis)
6. You said our term papers are to be typed; is a downloaded copy from the internet okay? (The A Man)
5. How long has wearing underwear outside your clothes been a standard requirement for freshmen? (Hazer Hazel)
4. How long did you say we should wear our clothes inside out? (Motoman)
3. Why does this dorm always smell like burning rope? (lefty)
2. Can you recommend any additional reading on this subject? (lefty)
1. Will we need Crayons for this course? (Sharpie)

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