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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs You Live in a Communist Country

10. The *censored* are always *censored* the *censored*! (The Lizard Queen)
9. The bread is moldy and unedible but at 2 rubles a loaf what a deal! (Rotten Luck Willie)
8. The only beer brewery doubles as an industrial laundry. (lefty)
7. When your girlfriend breaks up with you, she says "I just wanna be comrades." (Alien Dogstar)
6. If you are not home when you get a phone call, the government agents wiretapping your number will kindly take a message for you. (Ickglazias)
5. The good news is you have a job for life. The bad news is you mine coal with your bare hands. (lefty)
4. The recurring slogan: "Potatoes, the other white meat!" (srp)
3. You've got to pull your rental car over every 30 miles to "coal up" (Kent)
2. "Monday Night Chess" is the only blasted thing on either channel. (FraLupo)
1. People: Starving Space Exploration: Booming! (@|iE/\/ >0gst@r)

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