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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Bill Gates's Top Ten New Year's Resolutions

10. Charge shoppers in electronics sections of stores royalties for gazing upon Microsoft software boxes (Lyle Style of the True Millenium Society (
9. Finish reading "Windows for Dummies" (Elwood)
8. Finally manage to purchase the whole "King Tut" exhibit, and faithfully wear the gold helmet and beard to all his board meetings (Ole Sparky)
7. Complete solitaire three times consecutively (Danny B)
6. Get one of those cool Intel bunny suits for his next costume party (yomama)
5. Beat that Eisner dude in an arm wrestle (Laffman)
4. Buy Mars and charge NASA rent (lefty)
3. Make an orchard out of the "fruit" company (liz)
2. Get a new bowl for haircuts (Lyle Style of the True Millenium Society (
1. No more Christmas cards to the Justice Department (The Manatee)

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