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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs Your Startup Company Is About To Fail

(submitted by quickdraw)

10. United Auto Workers and GM both learn of your new teletransportation device that will render the automobile obsolete and you start getting visits from large fellows named Guido, Vinny, and Bubba. (Okiegranolie)
9. Parking meters installed in all cubicles (Maniac Bob)
8. They start giving your stock away in packs of baseball cards. (The Sponz)
7. The company Mission Statement is "We'll try not to go bankrupt." (Bill)
6. You have to spend the framed "First Dollar of Profit" local Chamber of Commerce representatives just gave you. (starWill)
5. You specialize in trying to predict the fickle public's next retro obsession (and as a result, overextended and now have a warehouse full of leg-warmers you couldn't GIVE away). (Ole Sparky)
4. The CEO has been replaced by a temp. (MaDukes)
3. You rely on the lemonade stand in front of the store to bring in customers. (card_magic)
2. Your initial public offering attracted only the interest of three misdirected garage sale fanatics. (Polly Purebread)
1. The electric company has put you on C.O.D. (Motoman)

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