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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Things Overheard During the Boston Marathon

10. "So when do they let the bulls loose?" (Elwood, Mr. Torry M., Tran Davis)
9. "1,289,470; 1,289,471; 1,289,472 -- hey, wanna know how many center lines there are?" (The Lizard Queen)
8. "Are we there yet?" (Motoman, lefty, turk, Opie)
7. "Well, K-mart had this sale on running shoes and I wasn't doing anything this weekend so I thought 'what the hey!'" (liquid ice)
6. "Hey, I'm walkin' here!" (a.r.s.)
5. "Try hopping on one foot for a while, it really breaks up the monotony." (Incompetent History Teacher)
4. "Next year someone should pass out deoderant samples." (Lazyj)
3. "It might take longer but I'm really thinking about taking the trolley for the last few miles." (Keithtc@aol)
2. "Finish Line? No, that's just another crosswalk." (Michael Lewis)
1. "Everybody stop! I lost a contact." (Ev, Bullwinkle, lefty)

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