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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs You're Not Mensa Material

(submitted by Lisa)

10. You couldn't figure out how to break the seal on your standardized intelligence test, so you had to give up. (Burser Blatant)
9. You wonder how the deer know to cross at the deer crossing signs. (liquid ice)
8. You are confused by the plot twists of a Bugs Bunny cartoon. (SOLO)
7. You once tried to solve a Rubik's cube and had to be institutionalized for over a year. (Non-Dots)
6. You had trouble getting in even before they saw the decimal point in your IQ. (Joe-mo)
5. You are still struggling to finish "Shoe Laces For Dummies." (BoneZone)
4. Your family had a celebration when you scored a "perfect 10" points on your SAT. (Meat)
3. You don't watch PBS because there are no Budweiser or Taco Bell commercials. (lefty)
2. Homer Simpson is your idol. (The A Man)
1. That "which comes first" thing about chicken and eggs just makes you hungry. (kyl)

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