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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs That You're Not Romantic

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10. You ask the waiter for a seat near the kitchen so it minimizes the time it takes for your food to arrive. (Mae Tree Dietz)
9. She doesn't like the "I'm The Property of Jason" t-shirt you got her for your anniversary. (Jason (of course))
8. You take your date out for dinner that consists of a coupon for free nachos and half price on drinks. (Sunchild)
7. Her candlelight dinners really iritate you 'cause it's so hard to read the sportspage while eating. (oneZone)
6. You apologize with a dozen dandelions (Crotch Monkey Feces)
5. After a romantic dinner, you offer to do the dishes by letting the dog lick the plates. (Jomma)
4. You consider pig latin the "language of love". (Joe-mo)
3. Some say it with flowers, you say it with sparkplugs. (The Manatee)
2. When your boyfriend got down on one knee and proposed, you said, "Shhh! to me during the commerical" (The Dildo Lady)
1. "I thought cubic zerconia looked prettier than real diamonds" (Crotch Monkey Feces)

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