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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Summer Camps to Avoid

10. Walter Herplemonger's Expert Kite-Flying Camp (Chris Pittman)
9. The John Denver Flight School for Teens (quickdraw)
8. The Viagra Nudist Camp (Motoman)
7. Camp Nike sweat shop (soylent green is people)
6. The Florida Everglades Kiddy Camp and Gator Farm (lefty)
5. Camp Pharmaceutical Research Subject (DownJane)
4. Mike Tyson Fantasy Boxing Camp for Girls (Don King)
3. "Our Sister of Constant Supervision" Summer Camp (dink hargrave)
2. Jason and Freddy's Nightmare Halloween Camp #13 (srp)
1. Nightglow Meadows Summer Camp and Nuclear Waste Repository (lefty)

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