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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Questions NOT to Ask Your First Date

(submitted by Tagdot)

10. "Do you like Polka?" (SouthPaw)
9. "The voices in my head want to know if you're trying to kill us?" (Greg Brady)
8. "More prune juice, my sweet?" (Nectar)
7. "Would you mind if we skipped supper and just pigged out on popcorn at the theatre?" (Hollis Dease)
6. "So . . . does the sight of blood scare you?" (Greg Brady)
5. "Do you mind if I floss?" (daroy)
4. "Well, now that you know all about my maggot farm, do you collect anything?" (Erinn)
3. "Would you mind if I pinched that zit of yours that's distracting me?" (Olipus)
2. "is that a 'coonskin cap?" (DA maNA)
1. "Are we gonna kiss later on? Because I've been practicing with my dog and I think I'm getting pretty good." (JJ ruffinstuff)

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