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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Things Never to do on a Driving Test

(submitted by Spring)

10. Attempt to do something that you "saw in a cartoon" (Fluff, rugrider)
9. Refuse to parallel park because "you plan to only go to places where they offer valet parking" (daroy)
8. Turn into the drive-thru liqour store without signalling first (Michaelangelo)
7. Show up wearing nothing but a strategically placed orange traffic cone (ElCapitan)
6. Ask the instructor to pick your nose so that you don't take both hands off the wheel (eflores)
5. Look for squirrels, run over them, get out of the car yelling "I seen it furst!" (DA maNA)
4. Ask the instructor if you can borrow some gas money (
3. Stick your feet out the window "because they stink" (Chris Pittman)
2. abandon the car in a ditch . . . realize your mistake and say "sorry, force of habit" (DA maNA)
1. Constantly pump the brake and tell the instructor that your car only runs on "Kangaroo Gas" (Homer Adams)

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