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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Real Reasons that Seinfeld Went Off the Air

(submitted by BoneZone)

10. The Show Nazi said "No show for you!" (Warlok)
9. Jerry pissed 'cause that guy Newman was getting all of the chicks at cast parties (BeachBoy)
8. Ran out of food for Kramer to steal from the fridge (DA maNA)
7. It just can't compete with FOX's "All New Scariest Magician's Secrets Of How Animals Attack During Wild Police Persuits Part 27!" (VolVo)
6. The cast finally got off the waiting list for their Thursday night Bowling League. (Dick Weber, lefty)
5. Jerry had this idea, and well, yadda, yadda, yadda, the show has ended. (quickdraw, kyl, Overkill, srp)
4. Pressure from the "free the cereal" groups. (Ravolta)
3. The upkeep of Kramer's hair way too expensive (stylist)
2. Julia Louis-Dreyfus heard about an opening with The Spice Girls. (lefty)
1. No one wants to work for a measly million dollars a week. (ramit)

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