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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs You Need to Start Eating More

10. You've slipped through three sewer grates this week! (Yeldarb, WoRm, lefty, Jomel, Bigal3, alien dogstar, Peaches)
9. What you call "a three-course meal" other people refer to as "an asparagus." (Thomas Palsson)
8. Since they installed the automatic door at the corner shop, you cannot enter alone. (danb, nk)
7. You fell out of a tree and didn't hit the ground for 10 minutes. (Cheezler)
6. Your stomach starts to hurt whenever you see how much bread the ducks at the pond are eating. (stilt)
5. Your son wins the 'Best Decorated Kite' award, although he and you were only spectators. (Ramses)
4. The bus doesn't stop because you were hidden behind the sign. (Warlok)
3. Your pajamas only have one stripe (kj)
2. You break wind and knock yourself over. (El Barton)
1. You have to run around in the shower to get wet. (Motoman, MikeyF)

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