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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Things To Do With An Old MIR Spacestation

(submitted by Barry (Aussie) Wilson)

10. Paint "No Trespassing" on it to deter alien invasions. (Warlok)
9. Sink it in the ocean and fifty years later make a movie about it. (ramit)
8. Load it up with fireworks and arrange for re-entry to coincide with May Day festivities. (TBeeber)
7. Use the spare parts to make something more advanced, like a toaster. (Buzz, gman, James Dean Anderson II)
6. Fill it with little plastic balls and have the neighborhood kids play in it. (Overkill)
5. Put it on cinder blocks and make all the rednecks in your neighborhood jealous. (Overkill, townkrier, Ev,
4. The computer can be reprogramed for Pong, Pacman and Tetris! (xxx)
3. Take it back to the Yugo dealership where it came from. (The Canuck)
2. A giant space piñata (El Barton)
1. Attach several bags of marshmallows prior to reentry. (Ukabaya)

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