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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Summer Barbecuing Tips

10. Friends don't let friends BBQ drunk! (a message from M.A.B.B., mothers against burnt burgers) (cjohnc)
9. Make sure you are not barbecuing your dog's chew toy. (Judy Jetson)
8. Shave hair off hands and arms to prevent flame-ups. (Warlok)
7. If it moos when you put a fork in it, slap it back on the grill. (mjolnir)
6. A 'bbq spit' is NOT saliva. (yuk)
5. There is more than one way to skin a cat. (woof)
4. Singed eyelashes grow back in about four weeks. (The Sponz)
3. Always test your grill for the proper temperature. The use of your dog's nose, however, is not recommended. (ramit)
2. Cleaning the grill with your wife's hairbrush is unsanitary. (lefty)
1. Never ever throw a shrimp on the barbie. (Manigabyte)

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