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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Great Things about Summer Reruns

10. If you have Alzheimer's, then they're all new! (The Sponz)
9. Second chance at figuring out complex "Baywatch" episodes (D-man)
8. Hey! The commercials are different. (DA maNA, Faux Pas, Miata)
7. Those poor actors that work for peanuts can finally take a break. (DA maNA)
6. If there was a show you wanted to watch that you didn't tape, someone didn't tell you the ending to, you didn't read about, you didn't figure out from later episodes, and you didn't lose interest in... you can see it! (DA maNA)
5. Provides more opportunities to turn off the TV in disgust. (Fluff)
4. Showing off your amazing intelligence by answering every question on those Jeopardy reruns (TheRob)
3. Watching reruns requires less thought and inspires brainless fixation on the box, which is what TV was meant to do. (TBeeber)
2. See Kenny die one billion times. (Terry)
1. Recycling, not just for garbage anymore! Oh, wait... (Walt)

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