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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs You Are Addicted to Tango

10. Visiting friends discover too late the living room is now a ballroom, the wife's name is Lola, and everyone dances or Else!!! (cjohnc)
9. You tango to any music you hear - even "did somebody say McDonald's?" (dink hargrave)
8. Your spouse, aware of your addiction, has thrown all of your dancing shoes out, but you had an extra pair or two hidden in your underwear drawer and the linen closet. (LaurlaJo)
7. It takes you three hours to mop the floor. (lefty)
6. Your silk shirt collection runs every color of the visible spectrum. (mjolnir)
5. You always walk sideways! (Loy Agbayani P4QC)
4. You spend hours every day trying to get the Latin Dance Network on your satellite dish. (The A Man)
3. Looking both ways to cross the street frequently causes whiplash. (Warlok)
2. It's 3:00am and you're in an alley paying a bag lady to dance with you! (cjohnc)
1. Nobody can understand a word you're saying, and you refuse to take the long stem rose from between your teeth. (cjohnc)

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