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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Things Overheard During Clinton's Visit to China

(submitted by A H )

10. "McDonald's! Long live the global economy!" (TheRob)
9. "This is your last warning! If you don't stop playing that saxaphone, we will stop contributing to the Democratic Campaign Fund!" (JDAii)
8. "I just knew the food came in those cool white boxes!" (flutefancy)
7. "So it's agreed, you stop slaughtering innocent protesters, we'll get a decent screenplay for Jackie Chan." (Jim)
6. "No Mr. President, you're thinking of Japan. We don't have any Geishas." (Jim)
5. "Do you have anything other than Chinese food?" (anon-e-mouse)
4. "You know, we'd be willing to give you more missile technology if you'd let us market Minute Rice." (Warlok)
3. "Last I saw of him, Socks was meandering by that food stand." (Boscoe)
2. "Any job openings after February 2000?" (Jeff Long)
1. "Bad news for the President today. He came to China to pursue his lifelong dream. Then he found out Mulan is a cartoon." (Nadroj)

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