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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Surprises in Windows '98

(submitted by DarkEmpire)

10. You get $10 off if you voluntarily give them your soul, but it's full price if they have to force it out of you. (help007)
9. It is still possible to fix a sandwich and something to drink while waiting for Start Up. (Impulse Shopper)
8. When you peel off the label on the CD, there's Windows95 label under it. (DA maNA, O/S = "Oh Sh!t")
7. To open Netscape: Press ctrl d, alt 4, tab, tab, spell Nebraska backwards and press enter, enter your gender, compose a 500-word essay on the occult, cut and paste... (TheRob)
6. Entering "Department of Justice" into Organization field during setup will crash system. (Faux Pas)
5. New app monitors Bill Gates's wealth for you to see. (Tristan)
4. Mix-up in hearing instructions in shipping department sends a dog named "Bowser" with every copy. (srp)
3. A $1 off coupon for Mrs. Smith's cream pie inside with Bill's home address on back! (cjohnc, Ashley , Maniac Bob)
2. Includes sample bugs from upcoming Windows 2000! (Elwood)
1. Surgeon General has put a warning on Solitaire that repeated use may be habit forming. (daroy)

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