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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Reasons to Twiddle Your Thumbs

10. The next best exercise since you just broke your $200 "Thumbs Master" machine (johnnyp)
9. Two words : Windows loading (MikeM)
8. It beats whittling your thumbs. (Evilhomer)
7. You're waiting for your girlfriend to put on all her make-up, take a shower, change clothes, decide she doesn't like the outfit, change into something else, redo her make-up, decide the outfit she's in doesn't match her shoes, change outfits, come out of her room, find out that her outfit doesn't match yours, go back to her room, change again, redo her make-up because she's ruined it changing, go to the bathroom, come out of her room, and then ask why you're late. (Matt Jordan)
6. To get rid of that unwanted fat area between your thumb and forefinger (Elwood)
5. It beats watching your cousins' slide show of their trip to the box factory. (Matt Jordan)
4. It's a highly effective divertment technique, to keep you from continually flipping that confounded remote control, and hence, proportionately lowers the chances of your being hit by a miscellaneous projectile from your ticked-off wife. (Ole Smoothie)
3. Waiting for someone to answer a question during the "Spice Girls" episode of Jeopardy (MikeM)
2. So your boss can see that you are busy instead of just sitting there. (JDAii)
1. Because thumbing your twiddle will make you go blind. (jman, Smilie :)

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