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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Uses for Those Free AOL Subscription CD's

(submitted by Thaichick)

10. Check out Martha Stewart's new book: Clever Ways With Floppies. (Impulse Shopper)
9. Get a stack of 15 and level out your couch. (spoof!)
8. Put them in your desk drawer to keep your 5.25 inch floppys company. (lefty)
7. Fasten it to your forehead and pretend you're a doctor. (Fergiface)
6. Stage a tiddlywinks tournament for NFL players. (Bud Sphourou)
5. Shingle your roof. (Norm Shelton)
4. Now you can use that "return to sender" stamp you just bought at the postal clearance sale. (DA maNA)
3. Put ear and nose pieces on them and sell them to Elton John as sunglasses. (Warlok, Bazza)
2. Coaster for your coffee cup holder marked "24X." (Asher Samuels)
1. Glue them to a basketball, shine a spotlight on it, and open a disco in your garage. (townkrier)

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