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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Pairs of Words You Never Want to Hear in the Same Sentence

(submitted by A H)

10. Porcupine & Naked
9. Spice & Girls (MAR, Meaghan Edwards, sowhatamisoafraidof)
8. <your name here> & Accountability (lefty)
7. Shakespeare & Schwartzenegger (Hank)
6. Liver & Dinner (cjohnc)
5. Monica & Lewinsky (SouthPaw, Impulse Shopper)
4. Hurt & Alittle (Norm Shelton)
3. Honey & Garbage (cjohnc)
2. Daughter & Bikers (SouthPaw)
1. Just & Friends (Laffman, Warlord)

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