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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten New Categories for Nobel Prizes

(submitted by Ackhack)

10. The Nobel Prize for Endzone Dance Routines (Ben There)
9. The Nobel Prize for Original New Cults (Kent)
8. The Nobel Prize for Peaceful Uses of Butterscotch (al)
7. The Nobel Prize for Reverberation Effects in a Monster Truck Rally Radio Commercial (Lyle Style of the True Millenium Society (
6. The Nobel Prize for Outstanding Contributions in the Prevention of Spice Girls Performances (Heathie)
5. The Nobel Sleep Prize (jimmy)
4. The Nobel Prize for Whining, Sniveling, and Complaining (lefty)
3. The Nobel Prize for the Tenth Caller (
2. The Nobel Prize in Knock-Knock Jokes (The A Man)
1. The Nobel Prize for Ebonics Literature (Warchild, Bullfrog)

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