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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Good Things About the Heat Wave

(submitted by Impulse Shopper)

10. You can use your forehead instead of your tongue to lick stamps. (the chipinator)
9. Increased possibility of Linda Tripp, Monica Lewinsky and Kenneth Starr spontaneously combusting (JEB)
8. You can enjoy the sweet melody of the ice cream man's truck every half hour. (Ami-chan)
7. Your hairy backed neighbor doesn't look as gross with the sweat matting the hair down. (gman)
6. No longer bothered by migrating penguins trying to mate with pink lawn flamingos on front yard. (Krass Krangle)
5. When someone tries to say "Hot enough for ya?", their lungs burst into flame. (Archangel Mike)
4. All those sexy, old, pot-bellied men don't mind sitting on their front porch without shirts on. (help007)
3. No bumper crop of broccoli or cauliflower (maj)
2. It keeps the boisterous elderly folk from running amok . (Care Bear)
1. That special sweaty underwear feel (daroy)

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