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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Ways the World Will End

(submitted by JediCallista)

10. "Third ball from the sun in the corner pocket." (Archangel Mike)
9. The world will surrender to the closet monsters. (mIdGeT iN dA hOuSe!)
8. Someone will forget to change the clock battery and the world will lose its setup configuration. (Odie Boy)
7. Tired of waiting in their secret hiding places, the dinosuars all come out mad as hell and trample the Earth, igniting fires, contaminating water supplies, and setting off nuclear explosions. (cjohnc)
6. George the one legged chicken of doom will spring forth from the firey depths of hell bring back disco, then 100,000 polyester lesure suits will catch on fire scortching the planet to a crisp. (timmi tha kurl)
5. Your girlfriend utters the words: "It's ok, honey. I don't want to go shopping today." (the chipinator)
4. The Earth stops rotating in favor of a really fast spin cycle. (TheRob)
3. NBC will buy the T.V. rights and broadcast it while reuniting the casts of Seinfeld and Cheers in a very special episode. (daroy)
2. Large credits will appear in the nighttime sky and then the words "THE END" and the last thing you will hear is a film flapping on a reel. (Kari Dewey, Bobby "It's only a movie" Cheethum, and Elias Howe )
1. Terrorists, Aliens, Asteroids, who knows? But Bruce Willis just wasn't around to stop them. (Stephaniann)

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