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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Misconceptions about Synchronized Swimming

10. It's not about the swimming, it's about the matching bathing caps. (me)
9. Contrary to popular belief, it takes much longer than six months to develop gills. (TBeeber)
8. Siamese twins do not have an unfair advantage. (burnt)
7. Despite what the man in the trenchcoat may have said, you do NOT have to do it naked. (Agent 43)
6. If it weren't for the salary cap, a lot of smaller market synchronizers wouldn't be able to compete with the larger markets. (MEAT)
5. The sport was originally inspired by the choreography of the Jackson 5. (bullFrog)
4. It all started in Newark when somebody added too much water to the mud wrestling pit. (Impulse Shopper)
3. Synchronizing watches is not required, unless you're doing super secret undercover synchronized swimming. (burnt)
2. Having sharks in the pool does not add any degree of difficulty to scores. (SouthPaw)
1. It was originally pioneered by two ex-NFL defensive linemen. (Casaveres Alabaster)

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